Retro Ad Watch: Remember When Amoco Got R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

We remember those heady days of the late 80's — Rummy was getting chummy with Saddam in Iraq, a gallon of gas cost less than a half-gallon of milk and it seemed like the oil would last forever — or at least as long as Aretha was willing to whore out her Detroit-ass for some Amoco ducats. We feel like maybe we're returning to those days of yesterday after we heard the comment from Abdallah Jum'ah, president and CEO of the state-owned Aramco, the Saudi government-owned oil company (not so much to do with Amoco — we just thought the ad was kind of adorable). He claims the world's got plenty of oil — 140 years worth if his guess exact as he claims it to be. Great news — just as long as we use the same level or reduce the level of oil the world's currently churning n' burning through. Hmm...wethinks maybe those guesstimates should probably be re-guessed.

Saudi CEO says oil will last 140 years [AP via Seattle PI]

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