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Retirees Buy The Darndest Cars: Schumacher Acquires Daytona Super Coupe

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A German newspaper reports that retired Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher picked up a 38th birthday present for himself. It's a rare Daytona Super Coupe. No word on whether it's a replica or one of the originals, though we'd imagine if anyone had the bank to scoop up one of the mid-1960s Shelby-Brock masterpieces, it'd be Schuey. Maybe he'll even drive it like he embezzled it. [Thanks to Christian for the tip.]


Schumacher Buys Rare Supercar [Paddock Talk]

1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona 427 Super Coupe Type 65 CSB 3054 []

Superperformance Brock Coupe Recalls Legendary Shelby Daytona [internal]


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As long as his purchase doesn't start a trend and shirt slogans beginning with "Save the Super Coupes" I'm in for the drive it like you stole it philosophy.