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How About A Brand New 1960s British Roadster That's Fast And Reliable?

Illustration for article titled How About A Brand New 1960s British Roadster Thats Fast And Reliable?

I’m not kidding. In 2015, you can indeed have a brand new MGB created using the original tooling, powered by a Mazda 2.5 that will make it reach 62mph in 3.8 seconds. All the time.


British car builder Frontline Developments started when an old MG Midget race car needed a reliable five-speed gearbox to stop breaking down, and by now, it became the garage to go to if you’re mad about MGs.

We all know the reliable British roadster is called the Mazda Miata, but if you want Mazda power and reliability with a bit more class and tire smoke, Frontline’s MG Abingdon Edition might be the car for you.


Here’s a profile of the car in the latest video from /DRIVE. Its body was made brand new using the original MG tooling from 1962 by British Motor Heritage, its 304 hp engine and six-speed manual was built by Mazda in 2015, and it comes equipped with a limited-slip differential. All that makes it a brilliant car that I want very badly.

Pops, bangs, MGs. Love.

Photo credit: Frontline Development

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Resto-modding is my favorite thing. Modern drive-train, modern brakes, modern suspension and steering in a classic car - preferably so stealthily done, that it looks like the original.

Added bonus, it’s a shit-ton lighter than a modern car. Yes, it might kill you.

EDIT: What Mazda 2.5 has 300 hp?