Illustration for article titled Report: VW Scirocco May Come Stateside After All

Automotive News Europe is reporting that Volkswagen may reverse course on the new Scirocco and offer the vehicle in the United States. VW execs originally opted not to sell the Scirocco here due to fears it would cannibalize sales from the GTI and because the strong Euro would have made the car too expensive. Since then, the dollar has gained and the new Scirocco has been enough of a hit in European markets to cause those same executives to see dollar signs on these shores. VW spokesman Steve Keyes said "there's no real decision yet," but if the car were to come here it would be positioned "a little bit differently."
How differently? With the arrival of the upmarket VW CC, Volkswagen may be seeing room for a niche coupe between the GTI and the R32, priced enough above the GTI to prevent the feared sales cannibalization. But would a Scirocco then grab sales away from the Audi A3? Does VW care? Stay tuned. [Automotive News, Sub. Req.]

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