REPORT: Tom Cruise Drops $30K On Suri's Custom Indy Car

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Suri Cruise has been so "mesmerized by auto racing" on TV, her father Tom dropped $30,000 on a custom car for the three-year-old. An Escalade? Nope. A miniature replica of a freaking open-wheel racer according to gossip sites.

For some reason we never pictured the Cruise household as a place interested in motorsports, but it makes sense Suri would be drawn to the track. Perhaps she sees speed as a path to a brief escape. A one-seat car speeding away from the cameras, a helmet granting her momentary anonymity. Or maybe she's just like all kids; enamored by the promise of speed until beige cars and traffic rob them of their dreams. Or, more likely, this is all a publicist's lame attempt to convince us he cares about his kid.

Either way, it's unbelievable we have just cause to write about Suri Cruise.