Tesla will join Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to announce the location and specifics of the Gigafactory battery plant in Carson City tomorrow at 4 PM. A Tesla spokesperson tells us that, "We look forward to joining the governor and legislative leaders tomorrow in Carson City." So yeah, confirmed.

It's not like the selection of Nevada comes as a surprise. Tesla's began construction of a plant outside of Reno in June, although work temporarily stopped while the automaker got the rest of the pieces of the puzzle snapped together.

The Gigafactory, which will employ around 6,500 people on a 100-200 acre facility, is part of Tesla's master plan to supply batteries for up to 500,000 vehicles a year by 2020. Panasonic has already signed on to the deal, pledging up to $300 million for tooling and machinery, while Tesla handles the rest, including the land and buildings.


We'll know more tomorrow about the specifics and exactly what kind of incentives Nevada offered to Tesla to make the Gigafactory happen.