REPORT: Roger Penske Meets With Brad Kesolowski Today

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We're told the hottest up-and-coming Sprint Cup free agent is Brad Kesolowski. Nobody knows where he'll end up, but speculation's focused on Roger Penske's #12 car. Today, an anonymous tipster spotted Kesolowski meeting with Penske. Full report below.

"was doing business at penske this morning and i saw brad kesolowski who is the detroit native go into the building with a man who appeared to be his agent, the car was still there 3 hours later when i left. I imagine roger is trying to get brad away from earnhardt and hendrick to run him in sprint cup."

Well, is it true? If it is, what will that mean for David Stremme? Anyone else see Kez out at Penske's facility in Detroit? Let us know in the comments or e-mail me — we'll try our damndest to keep track of this soap opera in the making!

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Spencer Williams

I love seeing this presented as a topic without built-in condescension (we commenters have that covered.) As I don't get Speedvision, my tv auto fix has become NASCAR, and as a long-time fan (84 days and counting) I like seeing NASCAR getting the props on Jalops, yo.

I like Kesolowski, but I picked my favorite driver by finding the one most similar to myself (age, height, weightwise) that drove a Ford. So yeah, I'm a HUGE Jamie McMurray fan.