Report: New Toyota Hybrid Brand Coming in 2009

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Better call your carbon accountant and get your credits up to date. It looks like Toyota's hybrid expansion franchise could be in place by 2009. Japan's Nikkei says the company will start selling a second dedicated brand of hybrid cars that year. No word yet on what the Prius follow-along would be, though the company plans sales of 100,000 units right out of the box, on the way to Toyo's goal of one million hybrid units per year by 2010. That'll be 500 carbon credits, or 490 if you plant 10 trees under your Tahoe-driving neighbor's house.

Toyota to launch new hybrid: Report [Toronto Star]

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my favorite car is a motorcycle

I don't see why vehicles can't be BOTH hybrid an plug-in. Two under-body trays for Li-ion batteries would allow you to plug in as many as you need for your commute length - plug one or both in and go. Swap in batteries from chargers at home and work if you want so that you always have a fresh battery ready to go. Alternatively, for the cross-country road trip, take out one battery pack and slide in the diesel gen-pack. It'd recharge the single battery pack like any conventional hybrid today.

Voila: superior powertrain versatility on a single chassis. Everyone should be happy: diesel fans can burn their oil, hybrid fans can have the brand name and "synergy drive" bragging rights, and plug-in fans will be able to avoid petrol stations altogether.

Let's hope people start thinking about powertrain versatility rather than digging in their heels on their one favorite technology.