REPORT: Comedian Tom Green NOT In Accident, NOT Beaten

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An unconfirmed report claims Canadian comedian Tom Green ran his Mercedes into the back of a landscaping truck, was seriously beaten by the truck's passengers and is now in serious condition. UPDATE: Yeah, there's no way this is true.


Reports claim he's being treated at Golden State Regional Hospital after the accident, which occurred in Fullerton, California. According toTransWorldNews:

Green was allegedly driving a Mercedez in Fullerton, California when his vehicle struck a pickup truck towing landscaping equipment. Three men from the pickup truck pulled Green from his car and beat him before fleeing the scene.

"He didn't have a chance against these men who attacked him before he said a single word to them," says a witness.

Green, 37, was unresponsive when paramedics arrived. No other details on the alleged incident were available.

There has been news of this on Twitter but, as of now, no reports from major news sources. Knowing Tom Green, it's possible this is all some sort of psych-out being used to generate news. At least we hope so.

UPDATE: Yes, it turns out this is total bullshit.



More likely would be Drew Barrymore renting a pickup from HomeDepot, stopping at the curb to hire 5 or 6 hombres, give each dude $20 an hour to wail on Green, then stalking him till she managed to swoop n'stop him.