Report: Cadillac CTS Spinoffs on the Way?

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According to Automotive News, the Counts of Cadillac are working up new versions of the successful CTS — just as BMW does with the 3-Series and Frito-Lay does with its chips. The paper reports GM showed dealers a fastback coupe and a crossover based on the CTS, and a third varient could be in the works. It's all part of Big Jim Taylor's push to expand on Caddy's success by stretching the brand until it cries "Saville!" GM's board has yet to approve the CTS models, but Taylor is optimistic. Normally, we'd say such unbridled expansion is a sure way to dilute a brand. But in Caddy's case, we say full steam ahead — there's plenty of space still to maneuver. CTS-amino, anyone?


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Instead of yet another stupid crossover, how about we just get a wagon with RWD standard and maybe even in V-Series trim?