One customer found when he hit an animal with his GT500KR how pricey it's snout is: hood $18,400; hood pins $632; front spoiler $3392. Shelby's since offered an interesting explanation โ€” and lowered those prices. Here's what happened.

According to Shelby, their carbon-fiber hood is the only CF hood in regular production (we're guessing the ZR-1's polycarbonate panel disqualifies it from consideration?) and that all the required federal testing and so on adds to the cost. Also, evidently, keeping the prices high โ€” and demanding all damaged KR parts be returned before new parts are shipped โ€” prevents just anyone from slapping a KR hood or other parts on their base Mustang.

Whatever their rationale, the fan forums went understandably nuts. In response, the price of the hood will be reduced to $9,700 and Shelby is reconsidering the prices of other carbon-fiber components. We love the KR, but that still seems like a lot of money for Ford parts.

[, Team Shelby via Autoblog]