Looking at the poster for this year's Porsche Rennsport Reunion can you guess the theme? Here's a hint: that's the factory 935 nicknamed "Moby Dick." Still can't get it? That's Al Holbert's 911 RSR behind it.

Give up? Well, you're a moron, because it's obviously racing Porsche 911s. But just because you're a moron doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice poster.


It was designed by Dennis Simon, who did the last two and had decades of racing 911s to pick and choose for the poster. He made good choices. The event will be held at Laguna Seca this October 14-16 and will include so much Bruce it'll make your head explode like one of those prisoners in Deadlock.

Also, Rutger Hauer is a very Porsche-sounding name. He should have a Porsche-tuning company. I'd buy a Hauer-tuned Cayman.

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