Renault And Caterham Are Apparently Over Each Other

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There's been another big breakup on the heels of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's. No word if Renault and Caterham are making a "conscious uncoupling" too, but they're definitely dissolving their sports car venture.


It was a pairing that started in 2012 with the intent to revive the Alpine brand using the two companies' F1 skills and Renault's factory and parts bin. But according to numerous reports, including Automotive News Europe, there won't be any more cooperation between Renault and Caterham.


Autocar reports the revived Alpine sports car will still be made, pegged for a 2016 sale date. And Caterham is reportedly pressing forward on the sports car it was also developing, though who knows

What's unlikely, though, is a Caterham SUV using Renault parts. But just as well, because how many takers would there have been for that?

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Who the hell is Chris Martin?

And where can I learn his methods?