Remote Turbo System for Mustangs

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We don't often comment on go-fast goodies unless they're involved in some sort of ridiculous hoonage, but we thought this one was sufficiently interesting to merit a mention. Squires Turbo Systems has come up with a remote-mount turbo kit for '05 and '06 Mustangs that simply mounts the turbocharger in place of the muffler, rather than under the hood. STS claims no increase in lag due to the distance involved, and also claims cooler running temperatures for both turbocharger and engine. Oh, and in stock trim on a 4.6L mill, this sucker helps pump out over 400 horsepower. Yum.


Squires Turbo Systems

Two Videos, Two Turbos [Internal]


This is an old post, but the comments here are SO friggin ignorant, it's insane.

Did any of you losers even bother to go to the site?

Bakafish- The turbo will barely get hot due to the distance from the engine. The only reason underhood turbos get 'cherry red' is due to the proximity to the exhaust ports. Fuel is actually still igniting INSIDE the turbo that didn't burn in the combustion chamber. By the time the exhaust reaches the remote turbo, it's hundreds of degrees coolers... dumbass. In fact, it's a commonly known fact that a cooler turbo is a longer-living turbo. The intake filter needs a splash shield... it's probably exposed to give you a better look at it. It won't get soaked unless you decide to back into a small pond. And lastly, due to the physics of compressed air, there is no more lag than a regular turbo.... think about it, bozo.... it acts the same as water in a hose. Pressure on one end results in a release on the other. Instantanous cause and effect...

It's actually a very good idea. Not even remotely retarded. IF IT WERE A STUPID IDEA, THEN WHY DOES IT WORK.... AND WORK WELL?