Remote-Control a BMW 1-Series By Nokia Smartphone

It only took Chinese programmers An Jiaxuan and a friend 20 days to build a remote-controlled BMW 1-Series, using a Nokia C7 as a controller. How'd they do it? Massive amounts of geekery and a little support from Nokia Asia.


We've got little hard facts on the video, or the RC-car system these guys built, so there's probably a pretty good chance it could be some sort of prank. Nonetheless, it's worth checking out just to see how close we are to the scene in "Tomorrow Never Dies" when Bond uses an Ericsson JB988 to drive a BMW 750iL remotely. A telling bit of dialogue during the pivotal "installing the hardware" scene:

Programmer Guy: How's the control? Is it just as good?

An: Of course, man. It's gotta be, otherwise we're not gonna be able to get the car to drift.


[via Motofilm]

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I think I need to start learning Chinese so as to diminish the shock after we are faced with our new overlords.