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Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Is Everything I Want From Offroading

Offroading is often about heavily modified, big horsepower 4x4s going slowly over extremely rough terrain. Extreme Barbie Jeep racing is cheap, fast, and has everything I really want out of offroading.


Busted Knuckle Films has tons of these videos. Here's what the races feel like, straight off of a helmet cam.

And here's another helmet cam vid, with extra country music.

They ran on a high speed, no obstacles hill, too. Yes there were luchador costumes.

So Extreme Barbie Jeep racing has been around for a few years, but honestly I never get tired of watching these guys crash their way down a rocky hill. I could watch this all day.


(Hat tip to $kay!)

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Reminds me a bit of the San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Society...