Friendly reminder: the Nürburgring will bite you—literally. It will open the jaws of its tire wall and om nom nom.

This poor Renault Megane RS driver went too hot and turned too early through one turn, hopped a curb in a braking zone for the next one, failed to slow down enough for the turn ahead and understeered straight into the barrier in front of him, where his car was flung under the wrapped tire wall itself.

Commenters on the video itself mention that the first turn at Wehrseifen shown in this video is a hard braking zone. If you don't slow down enough there and go balls-out into the next turn down the hill, you're going to have a bad time. This should be the slowest part of the track, according to Nürburgring Explorer.

So, here's your ever-so-often reminder: don't mess around with the 'ring.