Reminder: the Chevy SS is still a car that is on sale and can be purchased by you.

Photo Credit: GM

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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

I get that the SS is a really good car, but I think that trying to sell it for $50k is what’s screwing the pooch here. For $50k you can get into an ATS or Corvette, either of which is likely more desirable to the person putting $50k of their own money towards a new GM.

I think GM would’ve been smarter to simply the SS a bit and sell it as a 4-door sister car to the Camaro, for Camaro-like prices. THEN you hit the pony-car market for people who think they can’t get a 2-door. It puts the price straight in-line with the Charger R/T, but with a better engine and optional manual.

It’s a shame Bob Lutz isn’t there to insist on Chevy making a Z/28 equivalent of the SS. I think it’d be high-larious to see an LS7 stuffed under the hood.