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Reader Dave sent us a link to USA Today's coverage of the 2002 North American International Auto Show, commenting, "You know, in the NFL, a lot is said about the draft - and a bit about the fact that you can't really evaluate how a draft played out for 3-5 years after." So what was happening in '02? GM was chuffed at the addition of Lutz, and according to Csaba Csere, ""GM is the strongest case for a real renaissance because of Lutz's proven track record and the willingness of the organization to get behind him." Meanwhile, hopes were high at then-struggling Chrysler, pinned at that point on the Pacifica and Crossfire, while the industry was excited about Bill Ford's assumption of the helm of the ship that bears his family's name. Csaba was wrong about a lot of stuff.

Motor City Accelerates Excitement [USA Today]

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