Relative of Bastard Challenger! Sapporo Turbo!

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While the Plymouth Sapporo (and its Challenger twin) we received on these shores carried the G54B 2.6L Hemi between its framerails, the Mitsubishi/Colt Sapporo sold in other regions of the world — including the UK — featured the now-legendary 4G63 2.0 turbo unit. Think of it! Easy Evo swap! RWD! Toss in the limited-slip rear from a Starion and let the hoonage commence! If this isn't the living, breathing embodiment of SUPER POTENTIAL! well, well...well, we just don't know what is.


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Oh Damns! The Sapporo! [Internal]

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i think it would be easier to just hoon about in a Starion. It might be easier to find one that hasn't rotted into the ground.

although that looks like a lot of fun, it looks sort of like an eighties Maserati with down syndrome, like a slightly stoopid Biturbo.