Help Identify This Minivan And Find An Abducted Woman

Jessica Heeringa, 25, was working the late shift at an Exxon station in Norton Shores, MI when she was abducted at about 11 PM on Friday, April 26. The young mom's car and other belongings were left at the station, and it seems she was taken away in a silver or grey minivan. The only footage of the vehicle was recorded from a tavern about a mile away from the Exxon station, and the image of the van is pretty awful. That's where we come in.

Of course, it'd be a big help if there was a real ID on the vehicle. The image of the van or minivan is of it travelling at night, on the road in front of the business with the camera, and as such the image is motion-distorted, dimly lit, and hard to see. But I bet we can figure this out.

Looking at the image, we can tell a few things: the rear taillight area wraps around to form the rear side marker lighting pretty dramatically — it's a pretty large illuminated side area back there. The headlights appear generally ovoid, and there appears to be a reflection right next to the headlight, suggesting some sort of chrome grille surround. There also appears to be minimal paint on any of the pillars back of the A-pillar, and the windows appear at least slightly tinted.


The driver and suspected abductor is a white male, about 6 feet tall, heavy build, wearing a red or orange sweatshirt.


For the car identification, I'm personally leaning to a mid-2000s Chrysler Town and Country, but I'd really like to hear what other people think.

Let's see if we can help get this woman home.

NOTE: The minivan assesment has been questioned by many of you, justifiably. The minivan call was made by witnesses in the area at the time, so take that as you will.


(Thanks to multiple tippers!)

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