Rejected F1 Driver Denies He Will Stoop So Low As To Drive IndyCar

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Poor Kevin Magnussen. After getting strung along by McLaren Formula One and ultimately let go via email on his birthday, he’s been floundering around the back of the grid in a Renault. Things are bleak! But Kevin insists that they’re not “move to IndyCar” bleak. No, no. Never.

For 2016, IndyCar team Andretti Autosport successfully lured away Alexander Rossi from years of struggling to find rides on backmarker Formula One teams to a great result: Rossi won the Indianapolis 500. Could they be looking to rescue another young Formula One racer—K-Mag—from Backmarker Purgatory? That’s what one Racer rumor roundup says.


Worse yet, Magnussen’s F1 ride for next year has been put into question ever since Renault announced that they’d signed Nico Hülkenberg away from Force India.

Kevin’s father Jan raced in American open-wheelers (in CART) in addition to F1. Is it time for Kevin to try out IndyCar, and possibly pull a Rossi by winning one leg of motorsports’ Triple Crown?

Kevin says no.


While we admire Magnussen’s enthusiasm, we all know that his #NeverGiveUpOnTheDream hashtag rarely seems to end well.

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