Rehab Kenguru, The Roll In and Drive Away Wheelchair Car

Here's an idea. Instead of taking minivans, chopping them up and adding lifts and leaning mechanisms and custom controllers, why not just build a car for the wheelchair? This is the concept Hungarian company Rehab LTD. is pitching with this vehicle dubbed the Kenguru. The driver simply rolls into place, locks down the wheelchair, and drives off using a joystick like controller.


We don't want to make light of this cause it's a product that fills a niche, and it could be misconstrued to be tangentially making fun of handicapped people, which would make us ogres. But the idea of 2 A.M. wheelchair racing down the frozen food aisles at WalMart just got a lot more exciting. Turn it into a racing biathlon with the first part featuring a human powered race to your powered chariots, then NASCAR style laps around the perimeter of the building attempting to avoid the weak security guards. Yes, this is a good idea. [via Remikz]

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