"Save us, FR-S! Save us from ourselves! Save us from mundanes! Save us from front-wheel drive! Save us from bootleg Type R stickers!" Our friend at Regular Car Reviews sums up all that is expected of the Toyobaru twins. But do these two cars really have what it takes to be our saviors?

Can they really bring us back to the 1980s when cheap rear-drive sports cars were everywhere? Are they the answer to all of our problems in life?


In this unusual NSFW-ish twofer review (if you can call it a twofer, since they're the same car) our man at RCR explains why we all love the Toyobarus so much: they're cheap, they're rear-wheel drive like God intended cars to be, and they feel fast all the time, even if they don't have a ton of power. Some say they may be the last great affordable sports cars.

I don't think that's true, as we have cool stuff coming our way, probably thanks to the FR-S and BRZ and their unexpectedly strong sales. He asks if they'll be valuable in 20 years; who knows? But I know plenty of folks who are enjoying them just fine right now.