Reggie Bush Doesn't Go #1, Still Gets Two Hummers

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We brought you the news on Friday that Reggie Bush was going to receive the keys to two Hummer H2s after he would be drafted in Saturday's 2006 NFL Draft. Most everyone thought he'd be picked #1. But at the time this shot was taken on the eve of the draft did he already know Mario Williams was going to the Houston Texans and his own future was uncertain? That big #1 finger point is now going to be classic either way. Especially compared to when Bush was getting the keys right after he was drafted. Notice how subdued he looks in that shot? Plus, isn't that a H3?

This image was lost some time after publication.

(Pics courtesy of GM — well courtesy of a PR site that gets them courtesy of GM)

Hummer Giving Reggie Bush Two H2s For Being Next Rich Athlete [internal]

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