What did hep early-70s skiers crave most on the slopes? You got it- tall cans of Colt .45! Aaah, nothing feels quite as good as staggering helplessly into a snowbank, your ski pants sodden with unnoticed urine and the meat of your knuckles shredded from some other skier's busted bicuspids- yes, that's what skiing is all about! But what if you've run out of 16-ouncers and you've assigned Redd Foxx to beer-run duty, and he's driving "Redd's Sled," which appears to be a rally-prepped, fender-flared proto-Colt/crypto-Galant of some sort? Hilarity ensues! Bonus points for anyone who can identify the car; I've been watching this thing like it's the Zapruder Film, and the best I can do is interpret those round pillar emblems as probable Colt items and say "Colt with weird taillights" or maybe "Cricket after a Bondo attack."