Red Bull seems to be on a mission in this world, and that is to bring as much awesome as possible to every single goddamn road. First they showed us New Zealand, and now, they show us China.


Italian driver Federico Sceriffo and Hong Konger (Hong Kongling? Hong Kongish? Hong Kongian? Let's just go with Hong Konger, Wikipedia is kind of aloof on this one) James Tang were chosen by the Austrian drinks company to battle it up Tianmenshan Mountain, which, according to Sceriffo's Youtube page, has exactly 99 corners.

With a top speed of 170 KPH (that's about 105 MPH to you Yanks) and a score of 96.5/100, Sceriffo took the win.

I didn't really have an urge to go to China before, but now I do.

H/t to It's A "Porch-Uh!"

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