Red Bull’s Gaming Rig Costs As Much As A Used Car

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Red Bull teamed up with gaming rig maker Playseat to make their own Red Bull Racing F1 rig. You can buy it now — as long as you're willing to drop $1,500. You do know that you can buy a real, functional car for that kind of money, don't you?

Compatible with just about every console out there, this thing gets you a pretty serious leather seat, pedals, a mount for the steering wheel and a Red Bull F1-lookalike frame. While we'd rather spend the money on a crap car off Craigslist, we're sure there are some rich F1-wannabes who are dying to lay their hands on this thing.


(Hat Tip to WOT!)

Photo Credit: Playseat, Red Bull Racing

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I have some very important (not really) and highly relevant (meh, tangentially) questions regarding F1 cars.

I realize that F1 cars have the paddles to shift up and down through their sequential gearboxes. Do F1 cars have clutch pedals, or does the electronics take over and clutch for the driver when they tap one of the paddles?

Additionally, is there a neutral "gear" in an F1 car? If they don't have a clutch, how do they launch from a dead stop? Do they just press the gas and then upshift from N?