Red Bull Mechanic Saves Kimi Raikkonen From Being F1 Roadkill

Just because Ferrari and Red Bull are F1 competitors doesn't mean they want to see each others' drivers get run over. Case in point: this Red Bull mechanic who saved Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen from a very bad weekend in Monaco.


This Vine video captures a Red Bull mechanic named "Big Nige" as he quickly moves Kimi out of the way before the mumbly Finn can be run over by a Red Bull car as it speeds out of the pit. You gotta stay sharp when you're in the pit, Kimi!

I don't know Big Nige, but he seems like a good guy, and quick on his feet!

However, the way this season's been going, I'd hate to think what he what have done had that been Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg instead...


Hat tip to Will Buxton!

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