Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Who’s going to provide Red Bull with Formula One engines when Renault drops the team after 2018? We don’t know! But Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner is willing to say who it won’t be, or so he says. Either way, this is the worst game of 20 Questions I’ve ever seen.

Sky Sports interviewed Horner during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, to which he said not much about his team’s engine deal from 2019 onwards:

It’s not one of the Germans! They already said that it’s not Porsche. Porsche’s not going to come in before the new engine regulations take over in 2021, anyway.


It’s not Aston Martin!


Like Porsche, 2021 would be the earliest Aston Martin comes in.

Horner already denied that Honda would supply their main F1 team with engines from 2019 onwards. Then who is it?!?!?? This really doesn’t narrow it down. Is it a company? Is it located in Europe? I don’t know.


I give up. I’m out of plausible guesses. My bet’s on Mitsubishi. It’s about time they got back into motorsport.