Red Bull And Infiniti Give You Incredibly Well Funded Wings

The Red Bull Racing Formula One team will be renamed Infiniti Red Bull Racing next year after a huge investment from Infiniti to become the title sponsor of the team.


In a strange marketing exercise, the engines will still be Renaults, the cars will be Red Bulls, and the word Infiniti will be on there somewhere. They are also promising to work closely together on tech in the future.

Commenter wheatieboy best expressed what we want to see the enhanced Red Bull/Infiniti collaboration include:

So what you're saying is that Sebastien Vettel is going to parachute jump a Red-Bull-logo'd, QX56 out of a custom-built capsule, from the edge of space, land in the cockpit of a 2013 Renault-powered F1 car, and race away without scratching the paint or spilling a drop.

This is what you're saying. Right?

Yes, wheatieboy, that's exactly what we're saying. And that wasn't sarcasm, we sincerely want to see that happen.

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