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The National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) has made a tradition of opening registration for for their "Mexican 1000" race on New Year's Day, and have set a record for early entrants this year.

While Dakar rages on in Argentina there's no shame in getting excited for what's been called "the happiest race on Earth," especially if you're a fan of vintage iron.

The Mexican 1000 has vintage classes for four and two-wheeled entrants, and featuring vehicles like Rory Ward's '77 ex-Mickey Thompson front-engined V8 "Challenger IV" and Dave Sykes' '72 Ford/Dodge mashup truck known as "SuperFodge" it's going to be the best place to see retro off-road racing.

If that beater 4x4 you've been pulling stumps with is almost roadworthy, you might have time to get yourself a number. Registration is open right up to "Tech and Display Day," as long as you can get your ass down to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico by May 9th.


The Mexican 1000 Rally runs May 10-14, from Ensenada to Jose Del Cabo at the end of the Baja peninsula.