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World Endurance Championship team Rebellion Racing has an interesting way of encouraging each other in the car: by putting hilarious photos of each other in the cockpit. Driver Dominik Kraihamer may end up driving faster so he can come in and tape this back on Fabio Leimer's helmet.


This certainly proves that you have to be the special kind of crazy to drive a race car for a few hours at a time.

Rebellion Racing is the car with "No Balls, No Game" written all over it for sponsor Eat the Ball. I'm not sure perky melons were quite what they're going for with that. I'm pretty sure it's a bread product.


I guess melons (actual melons) are sort of encouraging? They're a sweet, tasty treat, right? The matching pink shorts are a nice touch as well.

Normally, I go with nice words of encouragement like "SHIFT AT 5K OR ELSE" or "DON'T BREAK MY CAR," but I suppose the priorities are a bit different here.

I'm quite fond of the bunny drawing to the left, too. Someone's got talent.

(H/T Peter Leung)

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