Rear Wheel Drive Can't Save This Starlet From The Crusher

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You don't see many Starlets on the street these days, and they're rarer still in the boneyard. Mike 'Clunkbucket' Bumbeck drives a Starlet, so I called him the moment I spotted this one.

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Disappointingly, the Clunkmaster couldn't use any of the parts on this 160,000-mile Toyota, but I'm sure some lucky junkyard scavenger will pick it clean before The Crusher consumes it as part of a Tercel-Starlet tiny Toyota appetizer.

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Story time!

About six years ago, a nice hippy lady from Oregon moved here to VT and drove her 82 Starlet cross country in the process. Once here, she decided that it was time for an upgrade and sold the car for $1 to a friend of a friend of a friend of mine. The new Starlet owner sat on the car for about a month and then she had to move & didn't want to move the car with her. She calls my wife and asks us if we want to buy the car from her for $150 bucks to help her move. I agreed to "help" the gal out... but in all actuality I really just wanted a rust free RWD 82 Starlet in my back pocket for giggles. I puttered around in it and enjoyed every minute of it. But when I gazed deep into that Starlets beautiful eyes, she spoke to me... She said that she wanted to be on the dragstrip... running 9 second runs on the quarter mile. Sadly, I knew that I would not be able to give this wonderful car such a glorious future... So I put it up on eBay seeking a potential owner that would give her a good home. Two weeks later I am collecting $900 from an awesome Spanish fellow from MA who works at a garage with comrades that are fond of rotary engines. (Score!) I wiped away a tear as the flatbed truck towed away this wonderful car that was part of my life for less than a year. But, as painful as the parting was, I knew she was going to a better home.

I posted this to give you a story that has a happy ending. This will combat the sadness we all feel seeing this particular Starlet going to the crusher.