Rear-View Mirror DVR Records Everything (Except The Rear)

Like the Honda Black Box Recorder we saw a couple days back, this rear-view mirror DVR is capable of continually recording footage for safety purposes. Or for jackass YouTube videos. Whichever comes first. It attaches to the windshield and plugs in via a 12V DC outlet. Check the jump to see some delicious hooning, recorded using one of these suckers.



The $450 DVR records onto SD memory cards and comes with a 1GB card. A 2.5-inch LCD on the mirror portion of the rear-view mirror lets you watch your previous and currently recorded video while driving, which will only lead to more accidents to watch later on. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or an infinite-feedback loop. Or an existential crisis. It's something, that's for sure.

If you want to pick one up, this little accessory is manufactured by Brick House security. [Rear-View Mirror Car Cam via Giz]

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How long before someone tries to use footage from such a device in court only to have the other side claim it's been tampered with?

On the plus side, I could see how such a thing could help driving instructors explain to student drivers how they could improve by pulling over and reviewing the footage together. This also applies to specialized driving techniques such as drifting.