The Two-Door Volkswagen GTI Is Dead In America

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If you prefer your Volkswagen GTIs the old-fashioned way, with just two doors and offering a challenge for anyone who wants to get into the back seat, you better act now. The two-door GTI is about to be discontinued in the U.S.

Our man Mark “Bark M.” Baruth is in the Pacific Northwest for the launch drive of the 2017 Golf Alltrack, and in talking to some folks from VW, he learned that the future of the GTI is four-door only. Here’s what he said:

When I asked Megan Garbis, who is the Product Manager of the Golf product line for Volkswagen of America, what the two-door starting price was, she casually noted that the two-door is no more. Although there are some 2017 2-door models in the wild, all production of two-door GTIs will be ceasing in the next couple of weeks.

“Our buyers and our dealers say that they want a four-door. We’ve reduced the complexity, which allows the customer to configure the GTI he or she wants online and go to the dealership and pick it up today,” says Garbis.

“Obviously, the Golf R has been a popular car in four-door trim, so we don’t feel that it will be a deterrent. Our GTI customers have families, and they want to be able to take them with them wherever they go.”


I guess it’s kind of a bummer for those who are ADAMANT their GTIs have only two doors (and those people do exist, I’ve met them), but honestly it makes sense. The old two-door GTIs are fun, but the current GTI is a much bigger, more practical car. You may as well get the one with four doors so it’s an even better do-everything speed machine.

And now, you just won’t have a choice.

Check back soon for Bark’s full review of the Golf Alltrack.

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Margin Of Error

Really looking forward for that alltrack.

For me, it checks all the boxes :

  • Genereous cargo space
  • Ski trap
  • Roof bars
  • AWD

It’s like a Subaru XV with a decent engine and more cargo space.