Real-life Robocop hit by car, jumps up and arrests driver

A British police officer thrown into the air after being hit by a stolen BMW managed to not only jump up but then run after and arrest the driver. Who needs Robocop when you have Dan Pascoe?

The crash outside Chertsey in Surrey, England, on July 3 happened as police were trying to apprehend Lee Adamson by setting up a road block for the stolen BMW. After Adamson popped from the BMW following the crash, Pascoe chased him down and stopped him with a Taser blast.

Adamson was sentenced Friday to 23 months in prison. Pascoe suffered minor injuries. Meanwhile, the Detroit Police Department has a few openings.

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Matt Brown

I sort of get police brutality after watching these videos. We should allow three punches to the head, or one good baton smack after something as egregious as this.