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Many of Tokyo's subway stations have no elevators or escalators, just tons of stairs. That can make it tough to carry everything you want on a train. But one station in West Tokyo has something to help: It's own, real Power Ranger.

The man behind the green mask is Tadahiro Kanemasu, a 27-year old grocer who just wants to help out his fellow man. Apparently in Japanese culture, it's tough for others to accept help as they feel indebted to the person who helped them.


That's why Kanemasu put on the mask, to make it anonymous. For the last three months, he has been at the same Tokyo station, helping people bring their items down the stairs. He can only do it a few hours a day, but hopes that people will join in to help him soon.

He says that when he started to help, people thought he was weird and shrugged him off. Now they still think he's weird, "but in a good way." That sounds about right. You keep on helping and being weird, Tadahiro. We need more weirdos like you out there.

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