Real-Life Fast & Furious Robbers Blow The Doors Off An Armored Truck Right In The Middle Of Traffic

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Some real-life Torettos made off with an unspecified haul of cash in South Africa this past weekend after blowing the doors off an armored truck and making a getaway in a pair of luxury sedans.

The robbers shot out the tires of the armored truck on Saturday on a busy Johannesburg highway and forced its guards out before blowing the doors. A nearby motorist was treated for minor injuries from the blast, as South Africa’s News 24 reports.

The whole incident was caught on video, posted by the Intelligence Bureau SA. You can hear onlookers in disbelief as the robbers blow the truck, with everybody in traffic figuring out how they can get out of dodge.

The robbers escaped the scene with “an undisclosed amount of money in cash boxes and one of the guard’s firearms,” according to local police. The robbers made their escape in a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW, which were later recovered by the police.


As of yet, no arrests have been made.