Real Gymkhana 3 Coming 9/14, Outed On Craigslist?

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A poster at VW Vortex snagged one helluva Craigslist find: a set of massacred and conspicuously-painted 18-inch Volks for $950. Is it a secret-coded message for when Gymkhana 3 hits (plus a Jalopnik call-out)? You be the judge. UPDATE!

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Hmm... "Jim Conner 003" and "Hoonsville." I see what you did there. Other interesting tidbits include the date 9/14 and, strangest of all, that the buyer "must pay shipping from France." Gymkhana with a baguette? We don't care where it is, we just hope these tires are a sign that this version of Gymkhana 3 is more about spinning tires than spinning records.

We'll let you know what the Monster World Rally Team says when they wake up from a night of raging on energy drinks.

UPDATE: It's real!


[Craigslist via The Car Lounge]



proof positive that Ken Block does shit just to show off.

lets take a set of perfect TE37s, paint them lime green and cover over the (much cooler) Volk Racing stickers with DC shoes ones, drive around in circles in front of a camera for a while until the tire shreds... AND KEEP GOING! SO AWESOME I WISH I WAS YOU KEN BLOCK.

this dude needs to be hung in the infield of a racetrack during an endurance race. hes attracting the wrong attention to autoculture.

its like what the fast and the furious did, only for a much more specified target audience.

i feel bad for all the guys who bought into Block's Subaru hoopla, bought all the shirts and jackets with Monster and Subaru all over them only to have their savior become forced to switch car makes for WRC from Subaru to Ford.

actually, i dont feel bad, SUCKERS! thats what you get for buying clothing thats plastered with corporate logos run by a guy who only cares about the paycheck, hes no real racer, hell, id say that his buddy Pastrana is a better racer and he doesnt have the corporate backing of a pop-culture cornerstone. how funny!

how does it feel to be free advertisers for the guy who makes you pay 120 bucks for a cotton jacket, 70 dollars for each pair of shoes, 40 dollars for a t-shirt and 20 bucks for A PAIR OF BOXER SHORTS.

its these people who are buying up all the subarus, wrecking them, and raising the insurance premiums for everyone else who doesnt drive like an asshat.

thanks ken block, you really do know how to fuck things up even if its not directly your fault. sucks to have a black cloud doesnt it?

hey, maybe youll actually finish a race this season. hope you dont wreck out on recce. its tricky driving those trails at normal pace in a road vehicle!

e: ill be waiting for the IMV Films spoof on this one. much more quality entertainment, and you dont get bombarded by corporate advertising!