Ready to Wear: Marc Ecko, Nissan Team up on Pathfinder, Armada Customs

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It was purely a matter of time before urban style impresario Marc Ecko teamed up with some SUVmaker or other to create a semi-private-label promo model. Word came down yesterday that it's Nissan that will get the street-cred infusion by association, as Ecko is customizing two of its SUVs, each of which will be hooked to separate clothing lines: the Cut & Sew Nissan Armada and the *ecko unltd. Nissan Pathfinder. Both are being done up in the style of each line of urban wear — downtown luxe for the Armada and more casually chill for the Pathfinder. Ecko says the cars aren't a mashup, but rather a double label, just like in sneaker culture. Of course we're about as clear on that distinction as we are on the difference between the mass acculturation of hip-hop and the rise of, say, the market for golf accessories. But we're pretty dim sometimes.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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