RAV on: Spec'ing a Lexus Small SUV

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With Honda having entered the luxury small-ute market with the CR-V derived Acura RDX, it's reasonable to assume Lexus will follow with a RAV-4 derived model of its own. And that's exactly what the backchannel talk's been pointing to, with a new such Lexus expected for the 2008 model year. Hans Lehmann and his band of bock-swilling Photoshop meisters created a mockup of what the small luxo-ute may look like on the forecourt. Think of a RAV-4 crossed up with a Corvette Z06. Sort of.


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I don't think the RDX shares all that much with the CR-V believe it or not.

Also I think the spy illustration looks like the IS meets the RX. I see the IS in the taillights. Also how much smaller would it be than the RX? I'm not a fan of that vehicle so maybe this would help. But it would be hard to top or compete with the RDX. that thing is sweet.