Tiff Needell, who you might recognize from Fifth Gear, presents an in-your-face four episode Land Rover commercial slated to air this weekend on Fox Sports 1.


Top Gear-esque quick-cuts, ominous quotes, and a dramatic soundscape provide a perfect stage for some shameless showing off of the Green Oval.

It's Land Rover doing what Land Rover does best: Making a lot of noise about how awesome they are. Er, I mean, driving off-road.


A pair of Range Rover Sports will "compete" at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Nevada's Mint 400 desert off-road race, Pike's Peak, and Daytona International Speedway to burn fuel and throw clouds of dust around in slow-motion.

Advertisement packaged as entertainment? Sure. But so is Walter White driving a Chrysler 300, and nobody seems to mind that.

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