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Chrysler has redesigned the Warren Truck Assembly Plant to churn out an additional 5 Ram trucks every hour, which translates to 100 a day or 38,565 per year. Healthy demand has given them the confidence to invest in production.

The plant is has been retooled to streamline the production process by moving material and parts that used to be on the assembly line into kits on carriers called "limos."

This basically means less walking for workers, ergo less time spent not building trucks. Apparently the union pointed out "over 100 issues" with the previous assembly process that have been addressed through ergonomic improvements.


Curt Towne, Plant Manager says;

"The kitting and limos allow us to optimize our workers and their ability to build a vehicle with precision the same way every time. We think of our operators as surgeons. When a surgeon needs a scalpel, he doesn't need to look for one; he's handed one. That's exactly how we want our operators to feel, so they can focus on building a quality vehicle for our customers."


Image: Ram