“Premature Electrification” | Ram Trucks

Other than that we know it’s a truck, it’s electric and it’s definitely a Ram. For some loyal customers, it seems, that’s enough. The truck comes two years after similar products from competitors hit the market, a fact which Ram isn’t defensive about this fact at all. From the website:

While some wanted to be the first to deliver an electric truck. Ram believes in bringing you the right truck at the right time, by offering you a power of choice best suited to your needs.


Don’t worry Ram, you’re still miles ahead of the Cybertruck. Ram originally teased a concept of an electric truck in April 2022 the same day Ford rolled out its Lightning truck, which has proved a huge success for the Blue Oval. It then unveiled the full Ram 1500 Revolution concept vehicle at this year’s CES show. We know a lot more about this concept than the actual production vehicle, from our original report:

Ram says the battery pack is based on an 800-volt architecture and will fast charge at a claimed 350 kilowatts, though the actual pack capacity is left up to our imaginations. We’d expect it to be somewhere between capacious and massive, given the weight and power targets that this thing will be dealing with, if the Hummer EV is anything to judge by. We don’t have any power or torque figures, but Ram says there will be two drive units and all-wheel drive.


Ram carried over most of the design cues from the Revolution, so maybe these numbers are a good guess at the final product as well. We’ve reached out to Ram for more information and will update this report when we hear back.