Rallying A $185,640 Vintage Corvette

Old Corvettes often live as hair plug transporters, rotting away in garages before the odd highway jaunt. One '69 Stingray, however, gets to storm the Swiss countryside very, very sideways. And you could drive it.

This 500PS/600Nm Corvette could be yours for 150,000 Euros ($185,640), or you could rent it for a mere 8,000 Euros ($9,900) at FunkyCars.ch. If you have the means…

If you want to see more of this Corvette, here it is in HD sharing the screen with a Ferrari 308. And please excuse the cheesy tunes at the beginning of the headline video, it all goes away after a few seconds.

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Don't wanna sound like a dick, but I think that's an old Alpine, not a 308.

That being said, that Corvette does look veerrrrryyy nice going a little bit sideways. Looks like it's not getting flogged too hard because of the damp track, but it's getting some good use. I'd have to think that it probably likes it.