Rallye Monte Carlo Was Shortened Because Holy Crap Crazy Fans Everywhere

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This past week's Rallye Monte Carlo had to cancel one of its special stages because, and I am not kidding here, too many rabid crazy super enthusiastic fans showed up.


Yep, Special Stage 9 (out of 15) had to be cancelled. The event wasn't technically shortened since cars simply transited along the route at road-legal speed, though you could say their race-pace time was cut down.

The official explanation is that so many people showed up to watch the event and cheer on local hero and reigning World Rally Champion S├ębastien Ogier that the organizers could not maintain their safety.

Keen historians of European rallying will recall that the WRC has a bit of a troubled past with too many spectators showing up to stages, particularly when like, nine hundred people died watching Rally Portugal back in the '80s.

This news is sure to blow the brains of any American rally fan or organizer, who freak out when more than five people show up oh wait those are hunters they're not here to see the cars who cares rope 'em in anyway.

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Ash78, voting early and often

I love rally and always have. I consider their drivers to be the most well-rounded and amazing in all of motorsports.

But the fans? Seriously. All that work and setup and patience to watch a car for 10 seconds, once every few minutes.

What other sports fans are so fundamentally crazy?