Rallye Monte Carlo Shows Us That Guardrails Are For Wimps

Rally types call these things "exposures." I call them "flashbacks to when my friend fell off Pike's Peak." Either way, here's some excellent footage of Robert Kubica not driving off a mountain during the Rallye Monte Carlo.


What better way to start a lazy Sunday afternoon than with delicious straight-cut gear whine and a lightning fast rally stage?

We've seen outside footage of Kubica's Ford Fiesta WRC skipping along a rally stage, throwing up sparks. Here's the inside view of the car on Special Stage 11.


These tarmac stages move at light speed when conditions are dry, which makes it amazing that the drivers avoid not only falling off the mountain, but punting houses that are built right next to the stage roads, too. Hi! Your "run-off area" is someone's house.

To quote the venerable Duke Nukem: "balls of steeeeeeeeel."

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Fred (FreddsterExprs)

F1 run-off: acres of tarmac, then safer barriers or tire walls.

WRC: poles, ditches, walls, cliffs, rocks, trees, people.