Rally Driver Still Pulls Handbrake Turn While Being Towed

Just because your rally car is broken, doesn't mean it can't still be awesome.

This was at LSPR back in 2008. Driver Dave Cizmas was getting a tow from a fellow racer, and when they passed a spectator area, he figured it was a good time for a handbrake turn anyway. Here's his full description.

After breaking an axle due to a bad engine mount. My fellow competitor Spencer was nice enough to tow us out of the stage. This is a particularly slippery corner due to the gravel that gets pulled on to the tarmac. Knowing there would be a lot of spectators on this corner, I decided to have some fun and use the hydraulic handbrake.

FYI handbrake turns with no power are tricky.

Rally drivers. Such show-offs.

(Hat tip to Dave!)


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