Watch A Rally Driver Keep Racing After Wheel Falls Off

Polish ex-F1 driver and current rally pilot Robert Kubica hit a rock and lost his wheel at Rally Poland over the weekend. Did he stop? Hell no.

There's a phrase in the rally world that gets thrown around every so often: press on regardless. This is pretty much the definition of the mantra.


If you didn't already love Robert Kubica, the man who sustained a 75G crash and returned to racing, who nearly died in another crash and won his first race after his recovery, who drives over trees, you do now. This is proper Gilles Villeneuve-level stuff.


(Hat tip to TheRallyTakeover!)

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My hovercraft is full of eels

Reminds me of rally legend Barna Kőváry (well, okay, he's a legend in Hungary...). He tried pulling as many crazy stunts in his Trabant as possible. Once when he failed and put the Trabi neatly into a ditch (BTW, this happened quite often) toring off the front left wheel, he told his co-driver to sit on the hood to put the balance on the - relatively - intact front right. Than they crashed again with the co-driver on the hood.

The action begins around 0:22.